Though my experiences as as personal trainer I have established three major problems when it comes to health and fitness...

PROBLEM 1: INFORMATION OVERLOAD: What's right? What's wrong? What actually works? Who is giving the right info?

PROBLEM 2: LACK OF TIME. We are all busy people with hectic lives, most people find it hard to find the time for exercise.

PROBLEM 3: SUPPORT & ACCOUNTABILITY. So many people start on their fitness journey, but then quit due to lack of support because they are left to their own devices. I created UHP to help busy people get fit and healthy, by cutting out the information overload and creating a proven system that works from the inside out, starting with nutrition whilst offering support on the back end to really guarantee results.

I run my own successful independant personal training businesses and I have created UHP so that I can help others outside of my local community to transform their bodies and achieve success in the same way I get results for my personal training clients.


The UHP 'FIRE DIET' works because I show you how to eat how we are designed to eat. You will be fuelling your body with what it's designed to be fuelled with!

I go back to the basics to show you what you are supposed to be eating to become the best version of yourself. This works - fact!

My diet plan enables you to 'FORCE FAT FROM YOUR BODY' and actually get healthier in the process. Unlike many 'fad diets' out there, our nutrition plan is all about HEALTHY LIVING which is why this 100% downloadable nutrition plan is proving so popular!

My plan speeds up your metabolism and you actually EAT MORE...! Yep! You won't actually go hungry at all and you will see visible results but most importantly you will be getting HEALTHIER! 

It's called the 'Fire Diet' because you are constantly adding fuel to your body, like you would add 'wood' to a fire to keep it burning. This is the same, you eat more not less to get real sustainable results.

You are about to discover the ultimate, sustainable way to eat to get in shape and keep the unwanted fat off... GUARANTEED.

When you download my diet plan, you will have instant access to the printable PDF, access to videos and our growing online community immediately via your smart phone, your tablet or your computer.

There is a long and 'boring' science explanation behind why this diet plan works, but you don't want to hear that do you? If you do let me know! You just want to LOOK AND FEEL ABSOLUTELY AWESOME DON'T YOU? So go and download it now, start today and watch it work it's magic!




You will have instant access to my circuit training classes. I have created 4 circuits (8 exercises in each). These can be done at home and don't require any additional/specialist equipment. You will receive a new circuit every 2 weeks to help change your body and become fitter. These are full body workouts and will help you to get visible results quickly. These have been carefully mapped out so that you understand every exercise in detail thanks to your own personal trainer. You will have access to full circuit videos so you can workout as if I am there training you personally.


Unlike many programs on the market that simply sell you a nutrition plan I cover all bases when it comes to your health and fitness. From stretching to post workout nutrition I have everything here to cater for your requirements and to help you on your health and fitness journey. We are constantly creating new content for our members so you will never feel alone again.


The main reason people don't succeed with their health and fitness journey is a lack of support. I have a full, growing community established so that you can receive help and support from me, but also from the other members. You can finally ask questions and share your experiences to help the other members too. You will become part of the UHP Family and together we are all helping each other to get healthier and become the best versions of ourselves.

Don't miss out. Get healthy, transform your body and gain confidence.

Here's a break-down of what you will receive when you sign up...

  • Full help and support via the growing UHP community
  • Circuit 1 (week 1&2): Introduction Circuit - 8 in depth videos about each exercise + full circuit 'follow along' video
  • Circuit 2 (week 3&4): Development Circuit - 8 in depth videos about each exercise + full circuit 'follow along' video
  • Circuit 3 (week 5&6): Progression Circuit - 8 in depth videos about each exercise + full circuit 'follow along' video
  • Circuit 4 (week 7&8): Advanced Circuit - 8 in depth videos about each exercise + full circuit 'follow along' video
  • The 7 Movement Patterns: 7 detailed videos explaining the essential movements
  • Post workout nutrition videos and information
  • Stretching and warm up videos and information
  • Access to the UHP online community for full help and support
  • Circuit training manuals to print out for convenience
JOIN US NOW JUST £19.95...

One time fee. Get me as your personal trainers for the price of less than half an hour with me! Can be used globally.

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To help you on your body transformation journey I have created an exclusive community for my members so that you can get answers to your questions quickly and learn from other members questions.

You can share success stories and discover other peoples journeys too, you might even meet some accountability partners/friends along the way.

This is a sure fire way to sticking too the plan and see the results you desire. This doesn't have to be something you do alone, it's a journey that you should be proud of and by sharing that experience with others you are more likely to stick to the plan and actually make it work for you.

I have got your back, so what are you waiting for? Get signed up now and start your body transformation today...

So Who Am I?

Matt Wren - Strength & Conditioning Coach

Having graduated from University, Matt has been working in the health and fitness industry for the past 10 years predominantly as a strength and conditioning coach.  He has worked in professional sport and their Youth Academies, collegiate athletes and the general public.

Frustrated with having a limited platform to connect with people, Matt wanted to branch out to help as many people as possible and starting the Ultimate Health Project was the perfect way to achieve that.

Matt has experience changing his body and pushing it to the limit, having competed in various body building events.  Working in the industry for so long he realised that by producing simple and reliable methods that anyone can follow, he could connect with people and help improve their lives on a global stage.

Matt is on a mission to help change as many peoples lives as possible and the you can be part of this journey now by signing up to the UHP.

Why Should You Take Your Health Seriously?

Why is health so important?

Looking at the image to the left from the NHS, you will notice that the top 7 causes of death are all health related. Does that surprise you? It actually shocked us.

Health is all we really have. It's everything. But why are so many people neglecting it and consciously ruining their bodies with what they are eating and their lack of exercise?

It's a real problem and it's sadly, not going away. At Ultimate Health Project we are dedicated to helping as many people to become more healthy and live better lives thanks to our simple systems and methods that we share via our platform.

Become a UHP member and I will show you how you can improve your health quickly and effectively without having to make and huge sacrifices to your lifestyle.

What Do My Clients Say About Me?

Jackie Ware

I knew I’d steadily put weight on over the previous year but in January 2017 when Matt weighed me I was shocked at quite how much I had!  I’ve always struggled to stay motivated when trying to lose weight but with Matt’s extensive knowledge and encouragement this time was different.  He provided me with a sensible clean eating plan which was easy to maintain myself at home and one which I’m still basically following now.  He gave me advice on the right type of exercise and fitness routine to follow when working on my own and on a weekly basis I attend his circuit class which pushes me hard but helps me to sustain an all round fitness and toning which continues to improve.  I’ve lost 1.5 stone since January, toned up all over and I feel amazing!  Everyone has noticed the difference and it’s given me the determination to keep the weight off and keep pushing myself to maintain the body that Matt has helped me to earn.

Jackie Ware
Scott Waterhouse

Riding at this years world championships I realised I needed to take my training to the next level if I was going to be competitive.  Working with matt enhanced not only my physical performance, but my understanding of training and the importance of a structured, personalised programme.  Working with Matt has culminated in me winning silver at the UCI BMX World Championships to be ranked 2nd in the world.

Scott Waterhouse
Saskia West

I began training with Matt when I moved locally over 4 years ago. I used to be a fitness instructor myself but a hectic year made my fitness levels decline and with that my confidence. I started coming to Matt’s circuits classes which provided a varied, fun and challenging group work-out! My overall strength and fitness levels improved very quickly and were back to normal in no time. Although the circuits classes are catered for all levels, Matt has a real talent to push every individual to work towards their own potential. He does this with a very good sense of humor which creates a positive atmosphere.

In addition, I train once a week with Matt as my personal trainer. These sessions are very important to me. Matt focuses even more on the individual, creating a bespoke work out to achieve personal goals. Working in the fitness industry myself, I can honestly say that Matt is an inspiration. He has an amazing knowledge about fitness and the body. He is always happy to share this knowledge which really helped me to reach my fitness potential as an individual and a professional. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Matt.

Saskia West
Sofia Malik

I have been training with Matt using the UHP system for almost 5 years now and he has managed to keep me motivated whist helping me to achieve my health and fitness goals. He has a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise and makes his sessions challenging yet fun and enjoyable! I have personally seen amazing results and could not rate Matt more highly.

Sofia Malik
Xavier Gaterell

Being a competing bodybuilder I need programmes that incorporate scientific techniques with in depth knowledge that allow me to perform at the highest level.  Matt delivers on every front, he has transformed the way I train.  This has culminated in me finishing 2nd at the PCA south coast, and an invitation to the finals.

Xavier Gaterell
Rebecca Greenyer

Matt’s taught me the importance of strength training as well as aerobic fitness.  I’m finally feeling strong again since having children.  Matt gave me an eating plan when I was lacking in energy.  It was easy to follow and it’s changed the way our whole family eat for good.  He’s a great motivator and always on hand to keep you on track.

Rebecca Greenyer

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