Two Friends From School On A Mission To Help Busy People Transform Their Bodies.

Ben Hulme & Matt Wren. The Founders Of UHP.

Matt Wren - Your Personal Trainer

Having graduated from University, Matt has been working in the health and fitness industry for the past 10 years predominantly as a strength and conditioning coach.  He has worked in professional sport and their Youth Academies, collegiate athletes and the general public.

Frustrated with having a limited platform to connect with people, Matt wanted to branch out to help as many people as possible and Co-founding the Ultimate Health Project was the perfect way to achieve that.

Matt has experience changing his body and pushing it to the limit, having competed in various body building events.  working in the industry for so long he realised that by producing simple and reliable methods that anyone can follow, he could connect with people and help improve their lives on a global stage.

Matt is on a mission to help change as many peoples lives as possible and the you can be part of this journey now by signing up to the UHP.

Ben Hulme - The Guinea pig!

After a near death car accident in a Lamborghini where Ben broke and dislocated his neck as a passenger, he put on a lot of weight during his recovery. One day he had enough and after seeing himself on the BBC news he didn't recognise himself.

Since then, he has focussed on his health and fitness and has proven what can be achieved. Ben has lost over 70 lbs/5 stone and is now on a fitness mission to get in the best shape he possibly can. Being an entrepreneur and realising the difference in himself from his own health journey, he approached Matt (a friend from school) to create the Ultimate Health Project to help as many people as possible to become the best they can be.

Ben has a huge flair for business and he wants UHP to reach a global audience to help 'regular' busy people like himself to change the way they think and approach their health and fitness.

Since being trained by Matt, the difference in Ben's body has been VAST! Watch this space as he is now pushing himself to see how far he can take his body to create a truly extreme transformation.


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